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Celebrate your birthday, challenge your co-workers or honor a loved one by creating a Song for Charlie Fundraiser.

Songs For Charlie – Volume I

Songs for Charlie Volume 1, curated by the talented @endjacksymes along with 9 other amazing artists. This album covers 9 of Charlie’s favorite songs, along with a bonus track, Song for Charlie which inspired the name of our organization.


Help us raise awareness and show support with our Song for Charlie swag. Our shop is now open with men's and women's t-shirts and unisex hoodies. 

Uber Lift: At the Crossroads

Uber Lift is an enthralling story of how the paths of two strangers, both recovering addicts, become intertwined. Their shared experiences with substance abuse draws the reader into how that has changed the course of their lives. The Author, Robin Dosskey, has graciously decided to donate all proceeds to Song for Charlie.