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We are asking members of the Song for Charlie community to help us inform young people about the dangers of fentapills. The most powerful messages come from people who have been directly impacted by the death of a loved one. We learn from our peers, so we hope to engage people between ages 13-30 in this effort to prevent future tragedies.


If you have lost a friend, partner, sibling, or cousin to a fentapill, we invite you to share your story in a short video testimonial. If you want to tell your story as a survivor, we welcome your story as well. We will be posting these videos across all of our social platforms. 

To ensure that your story is sharable, please make sure it is no more than 60 seconds long. If you are willing to share your story publicly, please make sure to read over our tips and requirements first.

Example of what we are looking for

Video Tips & Requirements

How to record & submit your video

  • Open the camera on your smartphone device
  • Hold you phone or using a tripod record your video using the VERTICAL format
  • Tap the record button to record
  • Video should be no longer than 30-60 seconds
  • Click on the SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO button. Fill out the form, and upload your video.
  • Submit the form and the SFC team will review.

Things to include in video

  • Strong intro - We need to grab the attention of the viewer FAST. Start with short statement. I never knew one pill could be lethal. I was blindsided when I lost my friend Alex. We never new pills could be so dangerous. Be honest. Be real. Be creative.
  • Who are you and what was your relationship to the individual? (ex. My name is Sarah and I lost my boyfriend Michael)
  • Your name and where you are located (ie. Los Angeles, CA)
  • Show a photo of your loved one
  • How old were they?
  • Which pill was purchased?
  • Tell us how your loved one died.
  • How did you find out?
  • Tell us how this has impacted you and others.
  • At the end of the video please say “One Pill Can Kill”

Sample Script

1- Start with something that will get people's attention. Something like...

  • I never new one pill could be lethal....
  • I was blindsided when I lost....
  • It was all fun and games until my friend/relative died...
  • I thought (name) was sleeping, I didn't know they died in their sleep...
  • My son/daughter/friend did not have a substance abuse problem...
  • I knew my child was having anxiety but never knew they'd turn to pills...
2- Introduce yourself and your relation to the victim. My name is ______ let me tell you about (name) who was ___(age)___ and lived/died (location). 3- Now explain the circumstances (what happened?) and what pill they purchased. 4- End with the words ONE PILL CAN KILL