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Alternatives to Drugs

Family and Community

Human interactions and relationships are at the core of good mental health care. At times we need to talk, cry, find ways to laugh and play, or ask friends and family for encouragement. We’re all vulnerable, and we all need support at different times. Reach out. Be generous.

Meaningful Work

Doing something you believe in can give meaning to everyday life. Working to change social, economic or other injustice, from expensive daycare to workplace racism to saving trees, can give life purpose and passion.

Talk Therapy

Psychotherapy, or “talk therapy,” has proven an effective alternative to drugs and teaches life-long coping skills. Patients treated with psychotherapy have fewer relapses than those treated with antidepressants. Find a therapist you respect, and who respects you.


Our bodies are designed to move. Evidence shows regular physical activity is the best long-term treatment for depression and anxiety. Movement is how our bodies circulate lymph to carry away toxins. It focuses and calms the mind and makes you feel good.

Eat Right

Eat like your body is a temple of the spirit. The UK Mental Health Foundation cites scientific studies clearly linking attention deficit disorder, depression, Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia to junk food and the absence of essential fats, vitamins and minerals in industrialized diets.

Can Drug Addiction be Treated?


Yes. People who get treatment and stick with it can stop using drugs. They can change their lives so they don't go back to taking drugs. But they have to try hard and follow the treatment program for a long time. Recovery from addiction means you have to stop using drugs and learn new ways of thinking, feeling, and dealing with problems. It’s best not to use it in the first place. If you do get addicted, it’ll be a long and difficult road.

Health is not merely the absence of disease but a state of well-being in which the mind, body and spirit are balanced.

There’s much we can do without drugs to treat depression and anxiety, especially of the moderate sort, where it all starts. There’s no quick fix, but we can use a variety of effective alternate approaches to build sound mental health, approaches that cause no harmful side effects and are more likely to get at the root cause of the depression or anxiety.