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Taking Action

Today, fake pills made of illicit fentanyl are ubiquitous in America, and young people are dying at record rates. No university is immune to the danger of illicit fentanyl, now being found in all street drugs including cocaine, MDMA, and fake prescription pills being sold as percs, oxys, Xanax and more. Every university student need to know the danger of fentanyl and be on alert. Your lives could depend on it. 


Each college campus has a different culture, and awareness campaigns need to be tailored to each school’s unique environment. This toolkit is intended to be a resource to any student/school looking to raise awareness about the increased danger of the street drugs being circulated today.


Some of the content in this toolkit may not fit with policies & practices of organizations serving younger audiences.


The goal of harm reduction is to save lives and protect the health of people who use illicit drugs. Song for Charlie focuses also on saving lives and protecting the health of young people from the risks associated with illicit drug use and believes harm reduction can play a valuable role. It is not unusual for colleges & universities to have a harm reduction bent to their substance-use messaging. Given little available evidence around the effectiveness and interplay between primary prevention education and harm reduction for younger ages where illicit substance use is less common in the general population, we do not promote many harm reduction strategies for k-12 ages. However, we recognize that illicit drug use is more common and individual agency & decision making skills are greater in college age youth, therefore we believe harm reduction messaging should play a greater role in this age group. 


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