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Brian Ternan (Charlie’s uncle) is the CEO of Health Net of California and California Health & Wellness. He has over 30 years of leadership experience as a senior health care executive and has been a key leader at some of the state’s largest health care plans. He brings his leadership and management talents to Song for Charlie in the role of Board Chairman.  Brian is also a Board Member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County.


Patricia is an undergraduate classmate of Ed and Mary’s from Santa Clara University.  She is a widely published and cited clinical researcher specializing in addiction.  She has a long affiliation with UCLA Medical School and the Matrix Institute.  Patricia helps us frame our questions as we work to define the scope of the fentanyl epidemic and bring useful information to the forefront.


Patrick Nally (Charlie’s uncle) is the CEO of VeloTera Services, Inc., a leader in the wireless infrastructure industry.  Patrick brings his financial experience and knowledge of the nonprofit world to the operation of our family charity.  Patrick graduated from Santa Clara University with a B.S. in Economics, a Juris Doctorate and an MBA.


Alexis Anvekar is Charlie’s family doctor and a strong proponent of holistic health.  She has been practicing since 2001 and was amongst the first in California to start a personalized type of healthcare service now known as concierge medicine.   Awards include Top Docs of San Gabriel Valley, Most Compassionate Doctor Award (given to top 3% nationwide physicians) and Patient's Choice Award (given to top 6% nationwide physicians). Dr. Anvekar advises Song for Charlie about promoting healthy coping skills and alternatives to prescription medications for stress management.


Jack Symes (Charlie’s friend) is a singer/songwriter whose musical remembrance of Charlie inspires our name.  Jack connects us to the community of young artists who are so important to our messaging strategy - communicate to young people through the popular media they love.  Jack helps with our partnership programs and creative productions. You can find Jack’s recording of “Song for Charlie” HERE.


Bridget Lattimer (Charlie’s girlfriend) is a recent college graduate who helps us craft our message for high school and college students.  Bridget has a B.S. in Neurobiology and is committed to our mission of instilling healthier and sustainable habits for coping in young people.


Tina Thomson (family friend) is the founder and President of Tina Thomson Communications (TTC), a full-service, boutique strategic communications consulting group that works in collaboration with marketers of Fortune 100, 500 and 1,000 companies.  Her varied experience includes roles in government (the White House and the State Department) as well as business (Estee Lauder). A fifth-generation California native, Tina received a B.A. in Spanish and InternationalRelations from the University of Southern California.  Tina and oversees our media relations and communications strategy.