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Song for Charlie is a family-run nonprofit charity dedicated to raising awareness about ‘fentapills’ — fake pills made of fentanyl. 

We partner with experts, educators, parents and other influencers to reach the most vulnerable group: young people between the ages 13-30.

Our programs highlight the emerging dangers of self-medication and casual drug use in the fentanyl era and encourage healthier strategies for coping with stress.


Growing up in our fast-paced world is stressful. Song for Charlie is a family-run, nonprofit charity that encourages young people to choose healthy coping strategies over self-medication. We empower students to learn and share knowledge by providing research tools and promoting peer-to-peer learning programs.


We envision a future in which the casual use of prescription pills is considered socially unacceptable, and in which sharing random pills is uncool.


We endeavor to change the ‘quick fix’ mindset of self-medication in favor of more organic and sustainable strategies for managing stress and anxiety.


To accomplish these goals, we must break through the noise and communicate with young people on their terms – go where they are; speak their language; and get them talking.   




Charlie’s parents are dedicated to informing young adults, parents and educators about counterfeit pills like the one that killed their son in May 2020. Upon Charlie’s death, Ed and Mary were shocked to find that the scope of the fake fentapill problem was well known among medical and law enforcement authorities, but not by the most vulnerable group – young people between the ages of 13-24. 


The Ternans believe the best way to address the problem is to reduce the demand for prescription meds by warning people of the prevalence of fake pills and offering healthier alternatives for managing stress.  They are also determined to cut through the misinformation that exists about the fentanyl epidemic and provide fact-based resources directly to young people in plain language.